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Keys Energy Advantages

Keys Advantages and Customer Benefits

Flexible Contract Terms
• Carry inventory
• Price forward
• Roll contracts
• Vary the lifting terminals

Manage inventory the way that makes sense for your business.

Take advantage of market conditions and adjust lifting patterns based on your business needs, not your supplier's.

No minimum / maximum restrictions

Cater liftings to the localized demand fluctuations of your business.

Nominated barrels delivered to terminals

Eliminate being subjected to restrictions and outages associated with exchange situations.

Inventory is pooled across pipeline

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Eliminates the need to nominate specific volumes by terminal.

Mitigates the risk of negativity at any one particular terminal.

Same differential/price used across multiple locations (if desired).

Multiple pricing strategies

• Overnight bidding
• Intraday pricing
• Index pricing

Create a pricing and lifting strategy that compliments other supply channels. Also take advantage of rising and falling markets to optimize your purchase price and inventory levels.

High RVP product available in April
after pipeline converts to low RVP

Additional economic gains available by buying lower cost winter grade product for an additional month.